Oregon is known for its scenic beaches, mountain ranges and wild west history. The Beaver State thrives in business services like cosmetology. Before we get into the specifics of what a career in cosmetology is like for Oregonians, let’s take a look at some fun facts.

  • Oregon is the venue for many festivals, including the Estacada Festival of the Fungus that holds yearly.
  • The photograph of the popular lighthouse the Heceta Head is one of the historic monuments that attract tourists.
  • If you’re a fan of hiking and rock climbing, then you can tick conquering the second most climbed mountain on the planet when you visit Mount Hood.

Of course as a cosmetologist, when you have your feet on the ground, there are couple rules to take note of.

Cosmetology Licensure Renewal

Renewing your license in Oregon is pretty easy. You can do it online when it suites you, or with the Health Licensing Office’s app. Although you will not be able to renew if you have unresolved disciplinary actions, or attempt to renew earlier than 45 days to your license’s expiration date. You won’t be able to renew online if your license has already expired either, as you’ll need to submit a late renewal form first.

If you don’t fall under any of the above stated circumstances, then you’re eligible to renew your license right now. How do you do that? On the licenses board official page, you need to provide your registration information, credit card number and expiration date. Proceed to click renew now, and you will receive guidance on how to continue.

Ensure you print the confirmation page of your receipt which will serve as a temporary verification until your license renewal is reflected. That should take place in 30 days or less.

Initial license fee: $100

Renewal fee (to be paid every two years before expiration): $45

Late renewal fee(less than a year) : $75

Late renewal fee(less than two years) : $105

How to transfer my Cosmetology license to Oregon from another State?

The Beaver state offers reciprocity to cosmetologists seeking it, on the condition you already have a current cosmetology license from another state. To do so, you’ll have to provide proof that you hold such a certificate by contacting your home board and having them send it to Oregon’s Health Licensing Office. You may also fill an Affidavit of Licensure Form that allows them verify your license their selves. But you’ll have to physically present it at their office which is at 1430 Tandem Avenue, NE.

Should your license checkout, then you are eligible to write Oregon’s state Laws and Rules exam. There’s also a written exam in cosmetology, so you’ll need to prepare for those. As Oregon does not offer an umbrella cosmetology license (one that covers hairdressing, and nail technology, orbarbering) you can sit for as many as four exams. But you have to arrive as early 9am. Once you pass the exams, you may pay the intial license fee and acquire your certificate. The fee for reciprocity is $100

How to change name/address on Cosmetology license

You are lawfully required by the state of Oregon to declare all changes made to your address. To update your license, you’ll need to write a statement, including an email within 30 days of the change being effective. The email is to include your name and license number and new location. Apart from the statement, you’ll also have to include an Information Update Form and send it to their email address at hlo.info@state.or.us. Then mail the physical statement to their office.

You are also to update changes to your name in 30 days. Use the format: first name, middle name, and surname. Do not include nicknames or initials. In addition, you must provide legal documentation reflecting the change. An updated driver’s lesson, or marriage certificate will do.  Don’t forget to add a copy of an approved photograph identification.

Requirements for receiving a Cosmetology Instructor’s License

Guiding young cosmetologists is the only way to ensure correct practices and methods are passed on. To do this, the industry is in need of willing instructors. Applying to be a teacher is a great thing to do and is attainable if you:

  • Are a minimum of eighteen years old
  • Hold at least a High school diploma or its equivalent (A GED or postsecondary certificate.)
  • Have at least two years work experience as a cosmetologist /and two years in education
  • 1000 accredited ours from an approved teacher training course.

Should you meet these criteria, then you can fill the teacher registration application. After submitting the application, the board of education will contact you on how to move forward.

Cosmetology Examination requirements

To be eligible to obtain an Oregon cosmetology license in any field, you must meet up with the following criteria:

  • Achieve a minimum of 2300 hours in training from an approved beauty school
  • Pass a course by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission’s Private Career Schools Licensing Unit
  • Submit a practitioner application form
  • Pass the board’s written and practical exam in English Language only

If you’re worried about testing, I’ve taken the liberty of including a practice packet for you. Although you will be sent the instructions prior to the exam, consider this a remember to bring along two forms of acceptable identification, one of which must be photographic. Once you’ve paid all the fees, and passed both examinations, you will receive your certificate.

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