South Dakota attracts visitors each year to its beautiful prairie environment, where they can taste native American culture and, of course, one of the most well-known landmarks, Mount Rushmore. Before we get into things every cosmetologist should know about running a South Dakota business, here are some fun facts.

  • The highlight of South Dakota includes its several beautiful parks like the Badlands National Park and Wind Cave Park.
  • The World’s Only Corn Palace is in Mitchell, South Dakota, where visitors can admire several art murals.
  • The Mount Rushmore state also appeals to pre-historic lovers as the home of the most extensive collection of Wolly mammoth bones ever discovered.

Now let’s discuss how to navigate cosmetology in South Dakota.

Cosmetology Licensure Renewal

The renewal of your license as a cosmetologist in South Dakota is an annual endeavor. It’s in your best interest to do so promptly to prevent a lapse in your working time. South Dakota issues a copy of their renewal form with every current license. So you do not need to download it or wait to receive a mail with the way. You can, however, request for another renewal form from the South Dakota Cosmetology Commission. A duplicate costs only $5. But if you still have the renewal application with you, all you need to do is pay a $50 renewal fee.

The South Dakota Cosmetology Commission requires no further or continuing education to renew your license. But it would be best if you enrolled in one of these courses. They keep your knowledge about cosmetology and its practices fresh and help you stay current.

Initial license fee: $50

Renewal fee (to be paid every year before expiration): $75

Late renewal fee(less than three years): $15 + $12 for each year past closing.

How to transfer my Cosmetology license to South Dakota from another State?

South Dakota’s Cosmetology Commission covers reciprocity. To get the process started, you have to fill out a form, which you can find on the site’s page that addresses Reciprocity Licensing for Applicants Licensed Out-of-State in more detail. An overview of the process involves having your home state send a copy of your verified and current license to the Board’s office. Other documents you’ll have to provide include proof that you’ve graduated from high school or a general education equivalent. You’ll also need valid identification such as a copy of your passport or driver’s license. These two are the only documents you have to provide yourself. The official licensing body of your home state should send your certificate’s verification. In South Dakota, it costs $20, but it could higher or lower in your home state. However, the reciprocity fee for processing your transfer is $100, so you should bear that in mind.

The overview I just described above is only applicable to candidates whose licensing has equal or higher requirements than South Dakota. If yours do not, then you have to apply as a fresh student.

How to change name/address on Cosmetology license

The South Dakota Cosmetology Commission does not provide clear cut instructions on how to go about a name or address change. But it does provide an avenue to reach their helpline to assist with whatever issues you might have. You can set up an appointment to discuss with their personnel on changing your name or address.

Things you might want to keep in mind are that you don’t need to pay a fee to replace your license after changing your name. You’ll also need official documents showing the change like a court order or marriage certificate. But when you’re changing your address, you might have to pay a shop inspection fee of $125.

Requirements for receiving Cosmetology Instructor’s license

There are several reasons to consider a career in cosmetology instruction. Not only is it another way to make more money, but it’s also an excellent way of sharing your knowledge. To become a certified teacher of cosmetology, you must first be a practicing cosmetologist.

The first stage is becoming a conditional instructor. To do so, you have to fill an initial instructor’s application form and complete a 12-hour course on instructor education. After passing the Instructor laws written test, you’ll have your conditional instructor’s license. It’s only valid for 90 days, and to attain a permanent one, you have to take a theory examination. As a fully licensed instructor, you have to take continuing education courses to renew your permit yearly.

Cosmetology Examination requirements

As with any other profession, there is a process involved in obtaining a cosmetology license in South Dakota. So what are the examination requirements to get one?

  • Applicants must attain a minimum age of 18 years.
  • Applicants must also provide proof of completing high school education or equivalent, such as a general education diploma.
  • Total 1500 training hours of cosmetology education at an approved South-Dakota school.
  • Fill and submit an exam and temporary license application form.

Once your application is processed, the Cosmetology Commission’s Board will contact you, and you can go ahead to pay the mandatory $80 examination fee. You’ll have to sit through three exams in total—the NIC national written and practical exams and South Dakota’s state laws examination. The examination fee includes your initial license cost, so if you pass, you will receive your license with no extra charge.

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