No state compares to Tennessee’s history in country, rock, and roll. Tennesseans are remarkably friendly and helpful; the state is the Volunteer State after all. So between its excellent music, scenic landscape, and cultural tourist attractions, it’s a beautiful place for cosmetologists to set up shop. Fun facts about Tennessee include:

  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, attracts more visitors than any other National Park.
  • One of the biggest music festivals on the planet, the Bonnaroo music festival, occurs annually in Manchester, Tennessee.
  • Greek mythology buffs from all over the world are drawn to Nashville to visit a life-size replica of ancient Greece’s great gods and goddesses.

So what’s cosmetology like in the Volunteer State? Let’s find out.

Cosmetology Licensure Renewal

In the state of Tennessee, license renewal is compulsory every two years. You can do so up to 60 days before your license expires. However, you must complete a 16-hour continuing education course. This course’s importance is to refresh your memory of safety practices and keep you current on the latest trends. So it would help if you endeavored to take the course seriously.

After completing the continuing education hours, you must file a renewal form and submit it along with a money order in the renewal fee amount to the Board’s office. You should also note those licenses that have expired for three years or more are considered invalid. In other words, you cannot renew those using the usual method. You must apply and sit for a mandatory statement exam. At the moment, Tennessee’s Board of Cosmetology and Barbering makes no exception for this rule. So it’s in your best interest to renew your certificate on time.

Initial license fee: $80

Renewal fee (to be paid every two years before expiration): $50

Late renewal fee(less than three years): $25

How to transfer my Cosmetology license to Tennessee from another State?

The Volunteer state only grants reciprocity to candidates that meet the state’s minimum licensing requirement, in Tennessee, that 1500 hours of training, and a written and skill test. If your permit doesn’t meet up with either of these criteria, you can use your work experience to make up. The Board accepts five years of work experience, at least as an alternative to having incomplete qualifications. These are the only acceptable methods of applying for reciprocity. If you cannot meet any of these standards, then attaining a Tennessee cosmetology license will only be possible if you sit for the examination.

To start the process, you may fill out a reciprocity form and contact your home state to verify and send your current license to Tennessee’s Board.

How to change name/address on Cosmetology license

Occasionally the need to change your name or address may crop up. Whether you’re recently married or relocating to a better location, the Tennessee Board of Cosmetology and Barbering ought to know. The process of updating so such information is easy enough compared to the more strenuous process of going to court or seeking a new location when it comes to addressing. The state of Tennessee makes this process simpler by allowing cosmetologists to change their information online.

However, if you’re changing your name, you’ll need to upload official documents reflecting the change. A divorcee decree or court order are examples. The fee is $10, but you can skip that if you change it during your renewal period. An alternative means is to download an affidavit and send it to their mailing address at:

  • Cosmetology and Barber Examiners
  • Tennessee Dept. of Commerce and Insurance
  • Davey Crockett Tower, 4th Fl
  • 500 James Robertson Parkway
  • Nashville, TN 37243

Also include the $10 fee, your old license, and legal documentation reflecting the change.

Requirements for receiving Cosmetology Instructor’s license

To expand your cosmetology career into a more formal school setting, you must meet specific criteria. This process is to regulate and ensure cosmetology instructors in Tennessee are qualified professionals. You can become an instructor if you have a valid cosmetology license and working experience of three years or more. In addition to that rule, you have to hold a high school degree or its GED equivalent. Once you have these already, you’re qualified to apply.

The next thing to do is receive 300 hours of instructor training at an approved beauty school within six months. Suppose you cannot do that; you can make up by serving as a junior instructor for a year at least and three at most. On completing your training, you may sit for the written and practical exams organized by the Board. Note that you also have to renew your teacher’s permit biennially, and it costs $70 to replace it.

Cosmetology Examination requirements

People with a passion for helping people achieve their sincerest external form of beauty are perfect fits for a cosmetology career. If you’re one of those people then to become a cosmetologist you have to:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Complete high school or it’s equivalent (GED)
  • Enroll in an approved beauty school for 1500 hours of cosmetology training.
  • Pass the Tennessee licensing exam.

Your course will take roughly six weeks to complete, after which you will be eligible to write the Tennessee licensing exam. You’ll have to take a written test and skill test to prove your proficiency in cosmetology. Each one costs $70 to make, and you will receive your license after passing both.

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