If you are a lover of the great outdoors, skiing, or a flourishing career in cosmetology, then Utah is perfect for you. The beehive state attracts many tourists yearly, just like their residents want to look their best. You might like to know:

  • Utah’s name comes from the Ute tribe and means “people of the mountains.”
  • Every county in Utah contains at least part of a National Forest. Zion National Park is one of the most visited parks in the state.
  • The Great Salt Lake, Utah, is the largest salt lake in the entire Western Hemisphere, occupying over a million acres.

So let’s dive into how a cosmetologist can navigate the complex rules of the practice in Utah.

Cosmetology Licensure Renewal

Unlike other states where your license expires the day after or on your birthday, Utah licenses all expire at the same time. If you have fellow cosmetologists as friends, you can all have to get your licenses renewed together, and you don’t risk forgetting. The general expiration date is the 30th of September of every odd year, but you can restore from as early as 60 days prior. Utah’s cosmetology licensing board falls under The Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing. So two months to your expiration, the DOPL will send a renewal notice to you via mail. Hence, you’ll have to ensure any changes to your address are updated as soon as possible. You also have the option of renewing your license online on Utah’s government site.

Initial license fee: $60

Renewal fee (to be paid every year): $52

Late renewal fee: N/A

Currently, Utah does not require cosmetologists to take continuing education courses to renew their licenses. But there are advantages to doing so anyway, like updating your knowledge and refreshing your memory of proper safety techniques.

How do I transfer my Cosmetology license to Utah from another State?

If you are thinking of relocating to The beehive state, there’s excellent news for you. Utah’s board of cosmetology is more than happy to extend reciprocity to cosmetologists. Of course, this extension is only applicable to candidates holding an equal or higher license to the one issued by the DOPL. Thus, before applying for reciprocity, you should confirm if you received 1600 hours of training or 2500 hours of apprenticeship. Did you attain a minimum grade of 75% in both the written and practical examinations organized by the National Interstate Council State Boards (NIC)? If so, then you are eligible for a license by endorsement.

The first thing to do would be to have your home state verifies your license. Your certificate needs to go straight to Utah’s board. Any license received through an intermediary, including you, will be revoked. If you’re applying from another country, you must verify your permit through an approved credentials company.

How to change name/address on Cosmetology license

Various reasons may call for a change of name or address. These are essential biodata to have in your records and should be current at all times. Updating your address is the easier of the two, as you can do so online. All you need to do is log on to the eGov system. Once you provide the necessary information, you can change your address without any problems, as the process is pretty straightforward.

Changing your name is a bit more complicated as you have to verify the change with an official document. You’ll need to submit either a court order, social security card, marriage certificate, or something else. So you’ll have to change your name before updating the Division officially.  After your application process, you can request a duplicate license for $10. You may use email or send a written mail to P.O Box 146741, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6741.

Requirements for receiving Cosmetology Instructor’s license

A career choice in academia is a noble one worthy of admiration. If you would like to become a teacher in cosmetology and help design programs for aspiring cosmetologists, you have to follow a process. The first thing to do is to register for an instructor course. An ideal instructor course will include cosmetology law and practical teaching exercises. In total, your course should be at least 1000 hours to ensure you have the knowledge required to lead your class.

On completing your class, you may take a two-part exam with PSI testing that costs $87. It includes both a written and practical exam. After passing both, you will receive your license. Your teaching permit will automatically renew with your cosmetology permits.

Cosmetology Examination requirements

Before you can exercise your passion of making people beautiful, you need to prove to the Division that you’re capable by:

  • Completing 1600 hours of training as a cosmetologist or 2500 hours of apprenticeship
  • Passing the licensing exam issued by the Utah Division of Professional Licensing

It would be best if you chose the right beauty school. Note that not the Division approves every beauty school. So before embarking on a course, ensure the school is approved. After that, you may apply for the NIC theory and practical exam. A grade of 75% or more in both exams is a pass and a guarantee of receiving your license.

That concludes this post on cosmetology in Utah. Let me know what you think or if you have questions about your cosmetology license in Utah. If you’d like to compare the outlined processes with those in other states, click here.